Thermacut is excited to release suitable replacement VADURA® 9215 cutting tips used on the popular MESSER® MS 932 with quick change system.  Our unique design reaches 20% faster cutting speeds with a better kerf quality.    The nozzle has a unique design to achieve improved performance and is not interchangeable with competitors products.

胜卡特热忱发布,适用在市场热度较高且拥有快速改变系统的MESSER® MS 932上的替代品——VADURA® 9215切割喷嘴。我们独特的设计使得产品在更好的切口质量同时增加了20%的切割速度。这款喷嘴独特的设计使其提高了产品表现,使其竞品成为不可替代。

The VADURA® 9215 series of tips are just one of many product offerings recently introduced by Thermacut along with product development for the ESAB® IPD, MESSER® ALFA and KOIKE® 106-D7 on the horizon. 

 VADURA® 9215系列喷嘴是胜卡特近期推出的在ESAB® IPD, MESSER® ALFA and KOIKE® 106-D7 系列中的众多产品之一。