Thermacut has released a new nozzle holder suitable for newer TRUMPF® 2D Laser machines. The ceramic is made from high-grade raw material to ensure correct distance regulation and consistent focus positioning.   The Thermacut design is compatible with the OEM nozzle changer. Please contact your Thermacut subsidiaries for more information.

胜卡特全新发布,一款适用于TRUMPF® 2D激光切割机的喷嘴座。这款陶瓷来自于高等级的原材料去确保正确的调节距离,以及持续的焦点定位。胜卡特的设计与原厂件喷嘴的改变兼容。具体信息请联系您的胜卡特代理商寻求更多信息。

Thermacut now offers nozzles suitable for TRUMPF® EAU series nozzles Precitec® cutting heads DS, SolidCutter® F100®, YR30 F100® and YR30® F125.  These nozzles are produced from high grade raw material on modern CNC machines with strict ISO certificated standards in the Czech Republic. . Thermacut nozzles are ready to install just like original nozzles and do not require any system adjustments.

胜卡特现在提供的喷嘴适配于TRUMPF® EAU系列喷嘴,Precitec® 切割头DS, SolidCutter® F100®, YR30 F100® and YR30® F125。这些喷嘴均采用高等级原材料在符合严格 ISO认真标准的新型CNC机器上生产出来。胜卡特喷嘴已准备好像原厂喷嘴一样安装,不再需要任何系统调试。