Suitable VADURA® 9215 cutting tips now available 适用于VADURA® 9215切割喷嘴发布

Thermacut is excited to release suitable replacement VADURA® 9215 cutting tips used on the popular MESSER® MS 932 with quick change system.  Our unique design reaches 20% faster cutting speeds with a better kerf quality.    The nozzle has a unique design to achieve improved performance and is not interchangeable with competitors products.

胜卡特热忱发布,适用在市场热度较高且拥有快速改变系统的MESSER® MS 932上的替代品——VADURA® 9215切割喷嘴。我们独特的设计使得产品在更好的切口质量同时增加了20%的切割速度。这款喷嘴独特的设计使其提高了产品表现,使其竞品成为不可替代。


HG10.080 – New Ceramic suitable for TRUMPF® 适用于TRUMPF®的新型陶瓷喷嘴

Thermacut has released a new nozzle holder suitable for newer TRUMPF® 2D Laser machines. The ceramic is made from high-grade raw material to ensure correct distance regulation and consistent focus positioning.   The Thermacut design is compatible with the OEM nozzle changer. Please contact your Thermacut subsidiaries for more information.

胜卡特全新发布,一款适用于TRUMPF® 2D激光切割机的喷嘴座。这款陶瓷来自于高等级的原材料去确保正确的调节距离,以及持续的焦点定位。胜卡特的设计与原厂件喷嘴的改变兼容。具体信息请联系您的胜卡特代理商寻求更多信息。